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Read this before you replace your windows.

The right window can make all the difference in a room. When it’s time to replace your windows, it’s an opportunity to create the space that you’ve always envisioned.

There are a number of choices to be made, from what materials to choose, how the window is installed, how it operates, and the pattern of the bars dividing the glass. It can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Download this Guide today to choose the right windows for your home.

Net-Zero Energy
Net-Zero Energy

Net-zero homes, which generate more electricity over the course of a year than they use, are growing in popularity. Unlike other “green” building practices, an advantage of net-zero building is that there are no prescribed steps to reaching net-zero; it’s a quantitative measure of performance. When the inflow and outflow of electricity through the meter balance at the end of a year, net-zero is achieved.

While a house doesn’t need to be enrolled in a formal program to reach net-zero, the design and building process requires careful planning. As is true of all homes but especially important when trying to achieve net-zero efficiency; aside from a sealed envelope, performance driven windows and doors are paramount. Windows and doors need to have good insulating qualities and very low air-leakage rates, because holes punched in the walls for doors and windows are a potential weak spot for heat transfer and air infiltration. An Energy Star rating should be the starting point for window and door selection.

Interested in learning more about Net-Zero Energy building and Marvin’s offerings? Download The Future of American Homes: Net-Zero Energy article created by Fine Homebuilding and Marvin Windows and Doors.

Transform Your Next Project

Discover the wide-open possibilities of Marvin’s NEW Ultimate Multi-Slide Door. Spanning up to 50’ wide and 12’ tall, the Ultimate Multi-Slide is Marvin’s largest door ever! Elegantly designed to maximize daylight openings and views, the door is as smooth to operate as it is dramatic to behold. The Ultimate Multi-Slide comes in a variety of configurations including pocket door panels that disappear completely into the wall or a stacked-panel configuration, offering the ultimate in design flexibility and unbelievable, wide-open views.

Boasting an unrivaled lead time of six weeks and an unmatched U-Factor of 0.28, this door will truly transform your next project.

Learn more about the Ultimate Multi-Slide and Marvin’s other Scenic Doors at http://www.marvin.com/marvin/doors/scenic-multi-slide.